This section will be where you find update information on character building rules for the current storyline. Currently there are no games running however this section would cover any house rules covering character generation such as:

  • Class Restrictions. Most classes well be using the standard creation rules in the PH. There are some exceptions. These are going to be fully outlined eventually.
  • Permitted Die rolling techniques for stat generation.
  • Recruit availability will vary depending on location.
      Gyrax classes
    • Cleric
    • Fighter
    • Wizard
      Gyrax Races
    • Dwarves, Hill
    • Dwarves, Moutain
    • Gnomes, Forest
    • Half Elf
    • Halfling, Lightfoot
    • Halfling, Stout
    • Human, Oeridian
    • Human, Suel
  • Character generation can use the standard 4d6 method, allocation or point buy as outlined on pg 13 of the PH. If you choose to use the random roll, this must be done with me.

    Clerics would choose from the following list of Churches within Gyrax.

    • Abbathor

    • Beory

    • Bleredd

    • Dumathoin

    • Heironeous

    • Kord

    • Lendor

    • Nerull

    • Obad-Hai

    • Segojan Earthcaller

    • Ulaa


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