Some 30 odd years ago, Orobus and his companion Totentanz found a maze on the outskirts of a tiny village. The villagers complained that there was a monster terrorizing the town and had scraped together what coins they could to find someone capable of killing the beast. Upon entering the village they discovered only a single zombie, killed it and opened the single small chest it was guarding.

Inside the chest was a pile of Gold coins, a map and a page torn from a ships ledger. The page detailed an island hidden far to the south, far off any known trade routes and an immense black pearl, a pearl the islanders told him that gave the gods their power. The map show where the island was and being the son of a cartographer, Orobus knew that the island was detailed on no other maps.

After setting sail for the mysterious island, making a short foray into the interior, Orobus and his companions made quick time through the jungle. Animals avoided them, and the jungle seemed to part before them as they made their way through the steaming, sweltering jungle. They passed ruin after ruin and upon finding The City of the Gods, they were unsurprised to find it in ruins but completely taken aback by how empty they found it. Nothing lived in the city, and nothing moved. Crossing into the city proper they came to a low stone wall and passed through a gate, the top of which bore the symbol of the Oroborus, a snake eating its tale and a simple inscription. After casting a spell to aid his reading of the wall, he read the messege “Behold the great works of the eternal serpent. Through his benevolence we are saved.”

After passing into the city and searching through the ruins they found the Pearl, journeyed back to the coast and returned to Specularum. Upon landing at the docks they were ambushed by an angry sorceress named Circe. As she attacked Orobus and Totentanz fought back and killed her. Upon her death there was a massive explosion and the two found themselves back on the island.


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