They mainly inhabit the southern fringes of the Flanaess through Hepmonland and the Amedio jungle and are primarily a tribal people, though in the past they commanded a great empire. The Olman are roughly modeled on the Aztec. The Olman living on the Isle of Dread are the remnants of the original Olman who settled the island sometime around thirteen hundred years ago.

For centuries the Olman thrived on the island. They cleared the jungle, planted crops, built a roadworks infrastructure and canal irrigation through out the island and built a fortified city, known as Tula, on top of a large central plateau. This city-state became one of the wealthiest provinces of the Olman Empire, in large part due to the recovery of treasure in the waters off the coast, mostly pearls and several gold and silver mines on the island. In addition, their isolated location kept them from becoming embroiled in the civil wars that afflicted the Olman further north, helping to maintain this prosperity.


Today the islanders are dived into several groups, there are the descendants of the original Olman, islanders Inlanders who are lead by a group of Head Hunters, and the Outlanders who call themselves the Touv. Various groups have differing means of political organizations, however the Inlanders tend to be patriarchal and the Outlanders tend to be Matriarchal. In all villages however, Inlander and Outlander alike there is always a village Preist, often a Medicine Man and the village Zombie Master.

They still use the Olman Calander in spirte of being out of alignment with Luna and Celene.

Menacing Presence: Olman characters gain the Intimidation skill for free.
One with the Land: Olman characters gain the Survival skill for free

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