Isle of Dread Characters

Ewen McConnel – The Commodore

Freja Wulfgartsdautier – The Valkyrie (Inactive)

Gwen – The Reluctant (deceased)

Kerowin Devonsharen – The Knight Errant

Macha – The Hunter (deceased)

Oblivion – The Summoner (deceased)

Orbo – The Independent (deceased)

Leah – The Mad (deceased)

Harold Lightfoot – The Sneak (deceased)

Lucian Devonsharen – The Unnatural

Meticuleese – The Guardian

Miguel Pandora – The Determined

Sky – The Devoted (Inactive)

Verna Tealeaf – The Metamorph

Victor Ebonsoul – The Accursed (deceased)

Isle of Dread Characters

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