Head Hunters

The Headhunters are the villagers responsible for killing the outsiders that invariably turn into Wights when they die. Because so many outsiders do not have the capacity to survive on their own in the jungle they would often die. Initially they would come to the island and the Inlanders would attempt to adopt them into their tribes but as time wore on this practice would turn out to be unsustainable. The slain outsiders, or Kionii as they are often called by the Inlanders, are killed on site, however surviving outsiders wandering into the hunting lands of a tribe is at the mercy of the tribe that hunts that jungle. Some are friendlier then others.


The Headhunters take a number of grizzly trophies from their quarry. The Shrunken Head Skirts and Bone Armor they wear is often enchanted. The spears they carry are almost universally enchanted for use against undead. The most veteran of the headhunter warriors also make use of the Feathered Armor used by the veteran warriors in the rest of the tribe.

Like the rest of the villages on the island, the Inlander villages always bare a village Zombie Master but in the inlander, and especially the head hunter villages are typically lead by the Zombie Master instead of them simply taking up the more traditional spiritual advisory role.

Head Hunters

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