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This originally began as just a D&D game I wanted to be able to easily keep track of information for.

The name of the campaign was originally “The Isle of Dread” and was a continuation of the very first D&D game I played when I was 11, the original X1 Isle of Dread D&D module for OD&D. Eventually the two year campaign ended but I dediced I wanted to keep the information and add to the body of work for future campaigns.

If you want information on a specific itself, or perhaps are not clear on one of the many gods that have been introduced into the campaign this is the place to find it. Constantly reviewing the information has helped solidify it in my own mind as well as give you an easy point by which to access the material already covered. There’s a lot of ground to cover, things players have seen things they haven’t and putting the island at approximately five hundred square miles the Isle of Dread is approximately the size of Massachusetts. That’s a lot of ground to cover.

Here are the categories by which you can look information up in.

Please notify me if you find any links that do not work. I’ve tried my best to make sure that the pages have been updated to the current format but in the event that I’ve missed something I would appreciate such notifications

  • Groups – This is a simple description of the various factions in the campaign.
  • Wildlife – Here is where you can see all of the things come across so far in your explorations of that isn’t actually human. This section will also include a write up on some of the various monstrous as well as natural creatures. Much of this information has been gleaned by a variety of sources and I learned a lot about a variety of natural animals while writing this, however this section isn’t limited simply to fauna, flora is covered as well.
  • Items of Note – This is a list of important items discovered, magical or otherwise, in the course of your adventures.
  • Deities – This is a listing of all of the Gods introduced into the campaign world this far.
  • Legends – Throughout the game certain NPC’s are briefly discussed or mentioned that were the movers and shakers of history. Here you will find stories and backgrounds on some of the famous legends of the Flaness, sometimes they will concern heroes lost civilisations, or even powerful magic items. A great many of those stories enchanted objects are themselves about armour and weapons but more then a fair number of books. Gods of the past and battles from throughout history will also be found here, some of these stories are true, many of them are not.
  • Prestige Classes – Remember how I said that that Prestige Classes wouldn’t just be something that was taken out of the book because it had cool stats, it had to have some kind of story reason behind it? Well here’s where I am going to be putting those Custom Campaign Classes. Some Prestige Classes or specific to past games and may not be available to you however.
  • Timeline – This new feature gives a timeline of events in the campaign world that comprises of major world events as well as some points in the course of individual campaigns.

The Wiki gets bigger everyday. The more complicated the notes become the more elaborate and immersible the campaign world becomes. One of the things that I hope to do by expanding the wiki is to help remind you of the possibilities you have on the island as well as remind me of possible areas of expansion as well as additional ideas that I can give you tools with which to survive on the island.

Main Page

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